Meets Gruesome

by Poet Named Revolver

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Post-War Pop
S. Gallatin


Georgia Car Wreck
In the Very Bed
Sorry Son, Dogs Die


released March 1, 2007

TJ Richards
Stephen Molyneux
Lee Noble
Caleb Steelman
Recorded by Zachary Gresham at Scoliosis
Mastered by John Baldwin
Nashville, TN
Nailbat Tapes NBT006
No Kings NK50
TR - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, mandola, bass, percussion
SM - vocals, electric guitar, mountain dulcimer, mandolin, melodica, autoharp, percussion
LN - vocals, bass, banjo, chord organ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion
CS - drums, trombone, bowed banjo, concertina, zither



all rights reserved


Poet Named Revolver Nashville, Tennessee

TJ Richards
Stephen Molyneux
Lee Noble
Caleb Steelman

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Track Name: Side A

burning up outside
so I'm screaming at the sun
running for your life
you almost killed someone
The skin is black on the back of his neck
the stars are swelling up
they're coming off their tracks

I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die like this
please forgive them
they don't know what they did

Your friends are dead
there's nothing to trace
that look of panic
coming cross your face
your things are gone
there's nothing to protect
the last thing you see
is the sun go out


For my false true love

They came down
down in droves
into our windows
in our homes
and they filled my mouth
for I could not scream

They flew off
off with my girl
to eat through her eyes
I had to shoot her
I had to shoot her back down
I had to bury her deep

I could not stand
I could not stand their terrible sound

Churches filled with half eaten corpses
they dropped cars on our houses
and I'm overcome
gnash out your teeth
bite off your tongue

they crawled up into the women
and the unborn were consumed

They flew off
off with my girl
I had to shoot her back down
I had to shoot her

they made ominous shapes
in the sky

piss on the prophets
and the good book too

Post-War Pop

The flames
the bats
their tower
they fled
for to fill
the trees
to flap

the city
died out
or sold
what's lost
is lost

It's time to build
the fountains
It's time
for monuments


I fear I've lived here
too long

lately the feeling
is less a swelling
than a sinking

If brother Jack were here
as I recall him
words and all
the haunted things
that laid upon him
when he dressed
to his best
to go to bed
with the burdens left
now he can hardly move

S. Gallatin

I know I've had enough
when Gallatin
would offer it up

Oh, come consolation
stable circumstance
Track Name: Side B

I was walking outside
was falling down slow
as some sick still clung
to my throat, my mouth,
and stomach
I wallowed and rattled
my teeth in the leaves
by the time
he had knocked her up
I was asleep

What did I do
to make you feel
so much better
than you should
this is the last
time I try
cause I don't care
I don't care
I don't care
why don't you
give something back
did I show too much
interest in what you say
there's that look I
there's that look I
I dare you

We'll engineer
we'll take it out
we'll take it out
we'll take it out
make a new you
we'll make it better
than the last
than the last
I dare you


I've gotta get back
to my baby's arms
let her hold me close
oh I never would leave

I will always
want her near
oh my love
my darling dear

I knew that I'd never
had love before
was sure that it's fire
was meant to be warm

I will always
want her near
oh my love
my darling dear

better hold it tight
better do it right
or I'll be a goner

Georgia Car Wreck

On the pavement
there's a wreck
in the rain
breath in the sulfur
airbag the dust
sticks to your cuts
lying in the rain
on the highway
Caleb's feeling pumped
picking up the car
and throwing it over
his head over his
head over his

The churchgoers
and their invalid son
they don't seem upset
the kid stares blankly
at the site of the crash
and Caleb throws
it over his head
over his head

Are you ok

In the Very Bed

A kiss on the back
in the very bed
and when you're up
you get a kiss on the head
take comfort fast
hang a sign around your neck
while we are young and able yet

with fists to the ribs of it

My hands
they won't stay level
or else they would be filled
with fallen teeth
I might beat this all back
if I could only hold them

with fists to the ribs of it

Sorry Son, Dogs Die

I live with what is left
the floor as a bed
One more time
before they kill him
before they kill him
caught his legs
as they slipped
from the side
We went along
across the tops
of the buildings
Lee said
I don't know
what I think
of this

When I look
too long
too close
I feel my chest
could collapse

I climbed from
the trap she
was the kind
I never wanted